Embody Wholeness
Embody the Wisdom of your Whole Being – Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit

Embody Wholeness

Embody wholeness, the full range of who you are. Reclaim and remember your Divine right to personal power in body, emotions, heart and intuition, and spirit. As you "Step In" to your power, you step into your creative passion, play, and purpose, into your feeling and knowing, and into unconditional love and connection with yourself, with others, and all of life.

"Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality."Bashar

Scalar Heart Connection® Mediator and Connector

Hear your Heart's Wisdom and Shift what Holds you Back! Live your Joy, Passion and Purpose!!!

Step into:

  • Your Vibrant Health
  • Your Greater Purpose
  • Your Loving Relationships with Self, Partner, Children, Family and Community
  • Your Fulfilling Career and Work
  • Your Unique Creativity and Gifts

NIA Dance Instructor

Ground into Your Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit, and Sense the Joy in Your Body and Being!!!

  • NIA Sensory based movement
  • Chakra Dance
  • Goddess Dance

Certified Massage Therapist

Experience Healing through Nurturing Touch!!!

  • Seitai Shiatsu
  • Tuina
  • NMT - Neuro-muscular Therapy
  • Circulatory
  • Sensory Repatterning

Laura Linsteadt, BA, CMT, CMC

Laura is Certified as a Scalar Heart Connection Mediator and Connector and a Certified Mindful Coach and Massage Therapist. She has been practicing a range of holistic-centered modalities over the past 20 years. She guides you on a journey of awareness and discovery of your authentic Self, and the wisdom of your body, heart, mind, and spirit.

She also has a BA in Dance and is a Nia Blue Belt Instructor. She has studied many forms of dance and movement ranging from Dance Therapy, Qi Gong and Tai Chi, Modern, Jazz, Folk, to 5 Rhythms and Chakra Dance.

My practice offers Scalar Heart Connection sessions (in person, by phone or using Skype), Nia Dance and Movement, Massage therapy, and Health and Lifestyle Coaching and Education.